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Designer Trends on a Budget!

Ultimate πŸ’•s Designer Trends on a Budget!

Want to re-create this designer look but the budget won't stretch that far?  We have the ideal solution at Ultimate Interiors!

Ultimate Interiors also offers affordable entry level furniture solutions. This alternative chair is available in a choice of 4 colours. The White chair looks more luxurious than the designer chair!
The chair also has an additional design feature with arms, so it is ideal for both home and office and dining spaces. Elegantly Designed wood and wire base.Single piece moulded ABS seat shell for easy cleaning.Light and easy to carry.Recommended usage time 8 hours.Seat dimensions: W380 x D370mm.Back dimensions: W430 x H470mm.Seat height: 440mm.Weight Capacity: 18 stones

Offer Price is an unbelievable €129 inclusive of VAT & Delivery in Ireland !Add the Round Oak Table shown below for only €219! 
1200mm Diameter x 730mm Height 
Offer only Available whilst (limited) stocks last. Call 091 779876 or email 

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Ultimate Rose 2018

Guess who popped in for a morning Latte before her busy day begins #needacoffee Galway Rose Centre. Fiona Connolly is representing Ultimate Office in this year's Galway Rose of Tralee festival which takes place tomorrow night at the Clayton HotelπŸŒΉπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š☕

Pop Art Influenced Furniture

Be a Pop Artist, decorate some furniture. Get the varnish and paint out ; Get Creative!

Ultimate πŸ’•s Pop Art
To-days furniture designs are markedly influenced by styles reminiscent of the 1950s through to the1970s. One of our favourite styles is Pop Art. Thanks to iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and influential founders Eduardo Paolozzi and Larry Rivers, Pop Art is a style that endures across a variety of media.

Ultimate Interiors are delighted to be able to showcase some retro designs in the Ultimate Showroom. Visit the Showroom to-day and view these beautiful pieces or contact us by 091 779876 or Interiors for more information.

Ultimate Office and Interiors Online

Ultimate are delighted to be almost finished with the eCommerce and Corporate site projects. Both will be launched this March!
Here is a preview of the online store
The eyes are the windows to your soul and your website is the window to your store!

Furniture Becomes Art!

Furniture Becomes Art!
Furniture designs are constantly evolving but much inspiration is taken from previous designs. To-day's trends are often a throwback from the 50's through to the 70's, with added comfort or a modern twist. Designer furniture is no longer a coveted item only for those with money. The availability of materials and production sources has allowed mass manufacturing of creative furniture. 
Many of these creative pieces should be considered works of Art and may often be good investment pieces. Who knew that Arne Jacobsen or the Eames would have created durable and appealing pieces that have also greatly appreciated in value since their creation!
So, perhaps it is time to buy that piece of art that is both valuable and functional. Ultimate Interiors have a wide range of designer furniture and will introduce you to various works of art over the coming weeks! Introducing PRIMA by LUXY

This fabulous design is from the Italian producer LUXY. Successful collabora…

Festive Mood Boards

Mood Boards are great visual tools to support your design ideas.  Here are some boards that may inspire you to create your own!

Scan publications, cut out images that appeal to your senses and use coloured paper and paints to create your preferred colour schematic......

....or stick to one colour and find imagery that best represents it's preferred hues

 No matter what inspires you, there's a world of imagery and moods to draw on to help you create your own unique mood boards